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We Tried It: The Best Willow Breast Pump Carry Bag

mom wearing willow breast pump

Finding a carry bag designed to keep your Willow pump safe and portable can be tricky. Don’t worry! This bag is our favorite.

Hands-free breast pumps like the Willow 3.0 and Willow Go are becoming increasingly popular due to the demands of the modern mom. And what good is a hands-free pump if you don’t have the right bag to carry it in safely?

Our favorite: EllaAlana Willow Breast Pump Carrying Case
Runner-up: Hard-Shell Storage Case by Willow

Editor’s Update: In mid-2022, Willow released their own breast pump carrying cases: a backpack-style bag with a detachable cooler and a hard-shell storage case.

It’s great to see more and more styles available for Willow breast pump carry bags, but we still love the EllaAlana Willow Pump Carrying Case on Etsy. It’s semi-customizable to fit your needs.

mom wearing willow breast pump

How do you carry your Willow pump?

If you’re curious about what to carry your Willow breast pump in, keep reading to learn more about our founder’s favorite pump bag.

When our founder was postpartum with her first child, she knew a traditional tethered and corded pump would not work with her lifestyle. That’s why she opted for the ease and flexibility of the Willow pump.

Shop the EllaAlana Willow Breast Pump Carrying Case now

Infographic highlighting the features of the best willow breast pump carrying case

While she loved (and still loves!) her Willow breast pump, one of her biggest frustrations was finding a secure and convenient way to leave the house. That’s the whole point of a portable pump.

Most of the carrying case options she found online were not aesthetically pleasing or not practical for everyday use.

After extensive research, she found the EllaAlana Willow Breast Pump Carrying Case and has been using it to store and carry her hands-free pump.

EllaAlana carrying case features:

  • Designed to work specifically with the Willow breast pump
  • Available in a variety of fabric colors
  • Different lining color options are available
  • Full-open zip-top for easy access
  • Mesh pockets securely fit Willow pumps
  • Optional wet bag add-on for pumped milk
  • Small, compact design with a handle
willow pump carrying bag on counter

What to add to your carrying case

You should consider adding a few items to your Willow carrying case to ensure you’re always prepared. After two kids and months of breastfeeding, the below things are what our founder insists on having in hers.

All of the above fits nicely into the EllaAlana Willow Carrying Case. It’s such a relief to feel fully prepared for a breast-pumping session on the go without the worry of a million extra pieces. Check out a real-life photo of our founder’s bag below.

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Shop the EllaAlana Willow Breast Pump Carrying Case now

contents of willow breast pump carrying case
Note: the flanges are on the breast pump. Small ice packs and cleaning brushes are not pictured.

How do you store a Willow pump?

Depending on where you keep your Willow pump while it’s not in use, several different storage options exist. We use a small plastic bin to house the pump itself and another to keep all of the small parts.

There’s also a “hack” to use a portable bra bag to store your Willow pump between pumping sessions. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t provide a storage solution for all accompanying accessories.

Wherever you decide to store your Willow breast pump while not in use, ensure it’s somewhere safe and secure where it won’t get accidentally dropped, bumped, or cracked.

Other Willow breast pump carrying cases

If you’re not totally sold on the Willow pump carrying case we love, don’t worry! There are a few more options we’ve found online. Check them out below.

Keep in mind the above carrying cases are not our top choice. If you want a carrying case designed specifically for your Willow breast pump and all accessories, the EllaAlana Carrying Case is your best bet. It’s worth every penny!

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