Birthing Gowns: A Round-Up of the Best Ones for Birth

While the hospital or birthing place typically provides a birthing gown for you, there are many benefits to packing your own. Here are the best birthing gowns and why we love them.

The list of things you must prepare before your baby arrives into the world might seem like it never ends. When packing your hospital bag, you want to bring items that offer you the most comfort and convenience.

The gowns that hospitals provide are typically unimpressive; they’re stiff, poor quality, and not ideal for what you’ll want to wear when you’re in labor.

mom in hospital birth gown with hands on her belly

Quick shop: the best birthing gowns

  1. All-Around Best: Kindred Bravely 3-in-1 Universal Labor and Delivery Gown
  2. Best Gown with Snaps: Ekouaer 3-in-1 Labor and Delivery Birthing Gown with Buttons
  3. Best Stylish Option: Kindred Bravely Ruffle Strap Labor and Delivery Gown
  4. Best for Non-Hospital Birth: Ekouaer Nursing Nightgown with Hidden Chest Zippers
  5. Best Short Gown: Ekouaer Labor and Delivery Gown Short Length
  6. Best “Hospital Approved”: Gownies Designer Hospital Patient Gown
  7. Best Organic Cotton Gown: Seraphine Maternity Hospital Labor Gown
  8. Best Value Birthing Gown: Frida Mom Delivery and Nursing Easy-Snap Tagless Gown
  9. Best Long Sleeve Gown: Ekouaer Women’s Long Sleeve Labor and Delivery Gown

Luckily, plenty of thoughtful companies are available to us today that not only make comfortable gowns for giving birth but also ones that offer more features than the average one you’ll get in a hospital and more stylish options to choose from, which is a welcome bonus.

We’re discussing all things birthing gowns today, including why these are much more preferable than hospital gowns and our top picks you should consider if you’re in the market.

What is a birthing gown?

A birthing gown is specifically designed to be worn during and after labor. If you plan to give birth in a hospital, they will provide you with the typical and disposable hospital gown to change into when you’re admitted.

If comfort, style, and practicality are top priorities for you, many birthing gowns are made today that check off each box.

Birthing gowns are a great alternative to traditional hospital gowns. They come in a wide range of styles and designs that allow you to add a touch of your personality while being a warrior bringing life into the world.

Your average hospital gown is not designed with labor in mind. This is unfortunate, but thankfully there is a good selection of birthing gowns out there that you can purchase ahead of time and come prepared to the hospital.

Hospital gowns serve their purpose and are helpful in many other circumstances, but they meet the bare minimum requirements for birth and postpartum.

An excellent quality about birthing gowns is that most come with added features that typical hospital gowns lack.

  • Snap or velcro closure in the back
  • Flaps at the shoulder for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin
  • Pockets for small items
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Stylish colors and designs

For example, the best birthing gowns available today offer snaps or velcro in the front and back so nurses and doctors can maintain easy access if necessary.

Flaps (usually zipper, velcro, or snap closure) on the front make it super convenient for breastfeeding moms. Some birthing gowns even have pockets to stash whatever you need to stay comfortable (snacks, hair ties, chapstick) nearby.

These specially designed gowns are also ideal for getting in that precious skin-to-skin contact time during the golden hour after birth, which you’ll want to get in as much as you possibly can during the first few days after giving birth.

There are so many benefits that aren’t often discussed when opting for your birthing gown.

mom holding her newborn baby after birth

Can I wear my own gown during delivery?

Whether you give birth at a hospital or birthing center, you should have no problem being able to wear your own gown during delivery.

You can decline the hospital gown they offer or just set it aside and change it into the one you brought when the time comes. You’re guaranteed to be significantly more comfortable and feel better when you opt for your own birthing gown.

Note: Check with your hospital if they have specific requirements for bringing your birthing gown. For example, they might require it to have front and/or back access for easy provider access.

Another factor regarding birthing gowns that is important to a lot of moms is the fact that they allow you to channel your personal style, and the gown you choose will inevitably look way better than one provided by the hospital in those first priceless photos you’ll get with your baby after delivery.

You’ll also be able to look back on these initially captured memories with much more delight when you wear something you chose.

mom enjoying skin to skin with her newborn in a birth gown

Round-up: the best birthing gowns

1. Kindred Bravely 3-in-1 Universal Labor and Delivery Gown

Available in a few different colors and patterns, the Kindred Bravely 3-in-1 Universal Labor and Delivery Gown boasts all of the features anyone could need in a birthing gown. The front access allows for easy fetal monitoring.

  • Front and back openings with velcro closure
  • Shoulder flaps for easy chest access
  • Two patch pockets with flap covers
  • Ultra-soft fabric (poly/cotton blend)
  • Doula and doctor-approved design
velcro labor and delivery gown

2. Ekouaer 3-in-1 Labor and Delivery Birthing Gown with Buttons

Made with a rayon and spandex blend, the Ekouaer 3-in-1 Labor and Delivery Birthing Gown is super soft and stretchy, and features snap button closures instead of velcro or zippers. No back access.

  • Two patch pockets at front
  • Full front snap closure
  • Shoulder flaps for easy chest access
  • Cool, comfortable fabric
  • Available in 12+ colors
all-around best labor and delivery birth gown

3. Kindred Bravely Ruffle Strap Labor and Delivery Gown

Featuring full front and back closures, the Kindred Bravely Ruffle Strap Labor and Delivery Gown also boasts a sweet ruffle sleeve detail and midi-length hem. No pockets.

  • Snap front closure
  • Velcro back closure
  • Wide ruffle straps
  • Viscose/spandex blend
cute labor and delivery gown with ruffle sleeves

4. Ekouaer Nursing Nightgown with Hidden Chest Zippers

Available in 18+ colors, the Ekouaer Nursing Nightgown with Hidden Chest Zippers can work as a maternity dress, nightgown, or labor and birth gown. No front or back closures.

  • Hidden breastfeeding-friendly zipper closures at the shoulder
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Loose, comfortable fit
  • Made with stretchy material
baseball cap sleeve nursing gown with side zippers

5. Ekouaer Labor and Delivery Gown Short Length

A great option for those on the shorter side, the Ekouaer Labor and Delivery Gown Short Length is a cute style and design that makes it an option for pregnancy, too. No back access and limited front access.

  • Henley-style button detail at chest
  • Loose, comfortable fit
  • Available in 12+ colors
  • Breathable and lightweight material

6. Gownies Designer Hospital Patient Gown in 100% Cotton

Machine washable and made in the USA, the Gownies Designer Hospital Patient Gown features snap closure down the back and at the chest for easy breastfeeding and skin-to-skin access. No full front opening.

  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Fabric is made from 100% cotton
  • Hospital staff approved and appreciated
  • Made in USA
Patterned Hospital gown for birth and delivery

7. Seraphine Maternity Hospital Labor Gown in Organic Cotton

With discreet side openings for fetal monitoring and a full-front snap closure, the Seraphine Maternity Hospital Labor Gown is a fabulous birthing gown option. The biggest drawback? It’s expensive and almost double the price of others on this list. No back opening.

  • Made from organic cotton
  • Breastfeeding and skin-to-skin friendly
  • Two inline pockets
  • Comes in a practical dark grey color

8. Frida Mom Delivery and Nursing Easy-Snap Tagless Gown

Made with a stretchy and soft jersey material (100% viscose), the Frida Mom Delivery and Nursing Gown has a full back closure and fold-down front flaps for easier breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. It’s also under $30. No full front access.

  • Full coverage snap openings in the back
  • Super luxe jersey material
  • One size fits XS-XL
  • Front chest snaps go down to waist
Frida Mom Birthing Gown in Dark Grey

9. Ekouaer Women’s Long Sleeve Nursing/Delivery/Labor Gown

For those who are always cold or want to feel extra cozy, the Ekouaer Women’s Long Sleeve Nursing/Delivery/Labor Gown is a great option. It features snap button access for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin, and buttons down the back. No full front access.

  • Breathable and stretchy fabric
  • Full button access at the back
  • Long sleeve design
  • Available in 6+ colors
  • Baggy, loose fit
Long Sleeve Nursing Gown

Birthing gowns: open-back, plus-size, and nursing friendly

Other significant aspects regarding many of the birthing gowns on the market today are how they are much more inclusive regarding sizing. They meet several other needs essential for moms in labor or who has just given birth.

So many moms run into the dilemma of the provided hospital gowns only coming in one size, leaving them with a garment that is too small and highly uncomfortable.

Many brands that make birthing gowns recognize this and present a wide range of sizing options, including plus-size gowns and ones that offer an open back. You might opt for an open-back gown to allow easy access for an epidural.

As we also mentioned earlier, the birthing gown you pick out is likely to have features added in with mothers in mind, such as flaps on the chest area for nursing and skin-to-skin contact and strategically placed snaps that can help you avoid the completely open back that hospital gowns have, if you wish.

Average hospital gowns were not created for laboring moms, but fortunately, the best birthing gowns available today were.

Bringing comfort into the delivery room

Choosing your own birthing gown can help you feel more comfortable, confident, and empowered throughout the labor journey.

Birthing gowns offer a practical solution to traditional hospital gowns, giving you more security and efficiency during this transitional time.

Birthing gowns are also super convenient for those initial days you’re postpartum since they are so soft and comfortable, loose-fitting, and have all the necessary features (like pockets!) to make it easy during healing and nursing.

Whether you’re searching for a classic, super stylish, or highly functional design, there is a birthing gown that will perfectly fit your needs. We hope this article has helped you find the ideal birthing gown for your needs, and we wish you a peaceful and empowering birth experience.

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