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What You Didn’t Know About Bottle Feeding Your Newborn

bottle feeding mom holding baby

A Speech Pathologist and a breast-turned-bottle-feeding mom shares her professional and personal views on why bottle-feeding isn’t as simple as “stick a bottle in their mouth” and what you can do to create the best bottle-feeding experience for you and your baby.

026 | Mallory Millett of The Feeding Mom

The stigma surrounding bottle feeding can feel intimidating. Many mothers are belittled on their decision to choose a bottle over the breast, even when it’s one they may have no choice but to make.

But the bottle isn’t a wrong way to feed your baby.

I chat with a speech-language pathologist and bottle-feeding advocate, Mallory Millet, about how backing the bottle is as healthy and beneficial as supporting the breast.

Mallory shares her experiences about why choosing one over the other shouldn’t matter. When it comes to you and your baby’s health, there is more than one way to parent.

About Mallory

Mallory Millet is a Speech-Language Pathologist by trade. She’s also an Infant Feeding Specialist.

She found her passion in working with moms with babies with feeding issues ranging from oral motor development, reflux, bottle choice, positioning, schedules, etc. If you are a mom struggling with feeding or a new mom and have questions or want to be prepared, please reach out to her for support.

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Topics covered

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09:09 | Choosing the bottle
17:03 | No baby cares
17:57 | Tips to get started
21:23 | Cluster feeding
25:28 | Building a relationship with your baby
32:06 | Medial society
35:41 | Final question for Mallory

Additional resources

You can find out more about Mallory and her work on her website, The Feeding Mom.

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