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Dealing With – and Finally Overcoming – Mom Guilt

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Feelings of mom guilt can be debilitating. But, where do they actually come from and – more importantly – what you can do to overcome those feelings for good.

013 | Kelsey Mizell of Like a Mother Counseling

Mom guilt.

It’s something all moms struggle with, and not just in postpartum. It can affect our entire lives raising kids. While this is an entirely normal feeling, it’s essential not to fall too far into the trap that mom guilt can create for us.

How do we shift away from mom guilt without feeling like a bad mom?

Kelsey Mizell is a licensed professional counselor specializing in prenatal and maternal health. In this episode, we talk about the social stigmas surrounding mom guilt and how we can break away from the standards put on mothers everywhere.

Kelsey’s advice and strategies focus on being worthy, not perfect. We talk about the importance of being in tune with your emotions, knowing when it’s okay to ask for help, and giving how to give time to yourself finally.

Meet Kelsy Mizell, LPC

Kelsey is a Licensed Professional Counselor and specializes in Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health. She helps women and mothers to feel connected with themselves and confident in their motherhood. She provides virtual counseling services through Georgia and Florida.

Kelsey is married with a two-year-old and two dogs. She enjoys drinking too much coffee and spending time outside with family and friends.

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Topics Covered

1:38 | The reason for mom guilt
8:23 | How to flip societies expectations
12:22 | Mom guilt is about…
18:22 | The duality of emotions
28:29 | Shifting focus
31:48 | Being worthy, not perfect
34:15 | Final Question

Additional resources

You can connect with Kelsey Mizell at for additional resources.

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