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15 Hospital Freebies: What You Should Take Home After Birth

Although moms deserve a parade and a spa week after the roller coaster of giving birth and enduring a long pregnancy, these crucial items provided at the hospital can be (less fancy) prizes to take home after your stay.

Despite many moms’ longing for their comfy beds after a whirlwind birth story, getting discharged after giving birth can feel dizzying.

The rotating door of nurses, pediatricians, and even newborn photographers is enough to make any new mom want to hightail it home—but there’s nothing quite like the comfort of having products like diapers, wipes, and a Peribottle at your fingertips.

  1. Heavy-duty pads
  2. Disposable mesh underwear
  3. Dermoplast
  4. Hemorrhoid cream
  5. Witch hazel pads
  6. Sitz bath
  7. Feeding supplies
  8. “Puppy pads”
  9. Diapers and wipes
  10. Hat
  11. Swaddle blanket
  12. Diaper cream
  13. Bodysuits
  14. Nasal bulb syringe
  15. Pacifiers

The transition from having nurses at the press of a button to having to navigate your home with a transformed body and a brand-new baby can be jarring but don’t worry—many of the products provided in your hospital room can head home with you.

While it’s doubtful you would forget to bring your baby along, some lesser-known keepsakes are helpful to know about ahead of time. 

You’ll likely be sleep-deprived, sore, and experiencing a host of emotions unique to your experience as you prepare for discharge, and this list of products for both mom and baby is here to help you start your newborn journey on the right foot.

Looking for more free stuff for new moms?

What to take home from the hospital for yourself

While every hospital will vary in what freebies they offer new moms and parents, here’s a general list of postpartum recovery items you can snag:

  • Heavy-duty pads
  • Disposable mesh underwear
  • Dermoplast
  • Hemorrhoid cream
  • Witch hazel pads
  • Sitz bath
  • Feeding supplies
  • “Puppy pads”

Heavy-duty pads

Even if you opt for ordering your own pads, the ultra-thick ones provided at the hospital are ideal for lochia (postpartum bleeding). It’s normal for moms to experience a flow that exceeds any period they’ve encountered, and these pads are perfect for postpartum relief.

Disposable mesh underwear

Preparing yourself for postpartum can get costly, and you can take advantage of the mesh underwear offered at the hospital after giving birth. Perfect for recovering from both vaginal and c-section deliveries, the disposable undies are high-waisted and help secure the substantial pads without interfering with a c-section scar.


This handy little spray might become your best friend. The skin-numbing spray can help keep any irritation from healing tears and stitches at bay, and it’s a significant relief to have it at home.

Hemorrhoid cream

A much less adorable addition moms might welcome after giving birth is hemorrhoids. Luckily, hospitals provide cream to help reduce them while at the hospital, and you can stock up on it to bring home with you.

Witch hazel pads

Witch hazel has many postpartum benefits, and TUCKS are lifesavers for moms recovering from birth at the hospital. Lining them on an icy pad with mesh undies offers almost-instant relief, and you can (and should) take a container of them home with you.

Sitz bath

Warm water and Epsom salt in a plastic sitz bath can do wonders for the tender birthing area while you recover. Depending on your doctor or midwife’s instructions, using the plastic sitz bath covering on a toilet when you leave the hospital can support a smoother healing process.

Pair it with an herbal sitz bath blend for extra soothing relief.

Feeding supplies

If you choose to breastfeed, you can take any provided nipple cream home, which is crucial for those first weeks with a newborn. Some hospitals offer nipple shields as well.

You can also snag any bottles or formula samples to bring home whether you plan to bottle-feed or breastfeed. It’s helpful either way—you have enough to think about and plan for!

“Puppy Pads”

Bleeding after birth is a more common topic among moms, but postpartum night sweats are another side effect of giving birth that many women face.

In both cases, using a puppy pad underneath you in bed or sitting on the couch can help prevent any leaks on your furniture. If you don’t use them yourself, you can put them underneath your baby for less messy diaper changes.

What to take home from the hospital for your baby

Again, not every hospital will offer each of these items; it’s good to familiarize yourself with your potential options beforehand.

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Hat
  • Swaddle blanket
  • Diaper cream
  • Bodysuits
  • Nasal bulb syringe
  • Pacifiers

Diapers and wipes

Even if your baby shower featured a diaper raffle and you have plenty at home, you can always use more newborn diapers.

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Taking diapers and wipes home can help you get started with products you know your baby is already used to, and they’ll likely be the right size for their tiny bodies.


Your little one is going to get cold easily, and the hat provided at the hospital will fit their noggin perfectly. Take it to keep them cozy while you’re home (and for sentimental value).

Swaddle blanket

Even if you bought swaddle blankets in preparation for your baby to come home, babies seem to come with a limitless amount of spit-up. Having swaddle reinforcements on hand from the hospital will do you a favor.

Diaper cream

You never know what your baby’s skin will respond best to, so snag the diaper cream provided at the hospital to either continue using or try it out at home.


Baby clothing sizes come in a wide variety, and you won’t know exactly how big or little your newborn will be until you meet them. Take any bodysuits or baby clothing home when you leave the hospital to expand your options.

Nasal bulb syringe

A hospital-grade nasal aspirator can be your go-to for snotty situations when you bring your newborn home.


Some hospitals stock pacifiers if you find your little one prefers one. If you’re concerned about nursing and pacifier use, make sure to chat with the lactation consultant on duty.

Some helpful final thoughts

With the beautiful, messy motherhood road ahead, these items can help ease some overwhelm when you pivot from the hospital to home.

Pro tip: Add an oversized tote bag with pockets for these helpful products and hospital freebies to your hospital packing list.

With these helpful tips on hospital freebies, you can leave with some added reassurance that you’re more prepared for the newborn season.

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