How to Create a Second Baby Registry on Amazon

Well, you’ve created at least one child with another on the way. You’ve survived postpartum and are well on your way to becoming a new parent (again!). Here’s how to create an Amazon registry for your second baby.

Creating a second baby registry for your child’s sibling is a great way to stay organized, share ideas with friends and family, and even ensure a few gifts for yourself make it on the list.

Unfortunately, if you head to Amazon’s baby registry website, the steps to create a second Amazon baby registry aren’t that clear. Thankfully, we’re outlining the steps for you below so you can easily make yours.

Option one: create a new “active” registry
Option two: update your old registry
Option three: delete your original registry

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Can you have two Amazon baby registries?

Yes! You can, but they won’t both be “active” and searchable by the public simultaneously. The newest (or second) registry will become your active registry, and your initial one will become inactive by default.

Don’t panic! You’ll still be able to reference and edit each of the registries privately. Check out Option One: create a new active registry for the best steps to have two Amazon baby registries.

Are you expecting multiples? It might be best to consider deleting or archiving your original baby registry and creating one Amazon registry for all expected babies.

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How to: create a second Amazon baby registry

There are three different ways to create your second Amazon baby registry. We’re outlining each one step-by-step below.

A few important things to know:

  • Make sure that you’re logged into your Amazon account.
  • The below registry options will only apply if you already have an active registry on Amazon.

Option one: archive the original and create a new “active” registry

Creating a new “active” registry is a good option if you no longer need any items from your original registry, have a second baby and want to start fresh with a new registry.

  1. Head to Amazon’s Baby Registry page (this can be tricky to find!)
  2. Click “Settings” in the top navigation
  3. Head to the bottom of the page and click “Create a new Baby Registry”
  4. Fill out necessary details for the second baby/registry
  5. Click “Create my Baby Registry”

Note: your current registry will become “inactive” and private to the public.

With this option, your original registry will stay available to access and edit; plus, if you are a Prime Member, you’ll be able to redeem your free Amazon Baby Box with your second registry.

Try a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

Option two: update your old registry with new items

If you’re 100% finished with your original registry and want to update it with newly requested items, you can do that relatively quickly.

  1. Head to Amazon’s Baby Registry page
  2. Click “Your Registry” at the top navigation
  3. Edit, add, and delete items as desired

Note: if you choose this option for your second Amazon registry, you will not be eligible to receive your Amazon registry box.

Option three: delete your original registry and start again

While this is the most extreme and permanent option, you can delete your original registry and create a new one entirely.

  1. Head to Amazon’s Baby Registry page
  2. Click “Your Registry” at the top navigation
  3. Head to the bottom of the page and click “Delete your registry”
  4. In the box that pops up, click “Yes, delete my registry”
  5. You’ll then have the option to create a new second registry

According to Amazon’s website, if you choose this option, “Any unredeemed benefits and promotions will be disabled after registry deletion, including Diaper Discount, Completion Discount, and Welcome Box.”

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Amazon baby registry checklist: what to add

Depending on the sex of your upcoming baby (and what you already have at home), your second registry could vary greatly.

In general, there are some basics and essentials we suggest stocking up on and adding to your second registry.

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