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15 Must-Have Postpartum Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

a pregnant mom on an ipad

Times are changing, and moms are quickly adding items to their baby registry for themselves, too (as they should). Here are our top picks of baby registry items for moms. Number 7 is a game-changer.

Don’t be shy; here’s your permission to add as many postpartum items to your baby registry as you want. If you’re unsure what to add, keep reading for our top suggestions to help you feel cared for and supported during postpartum.

a pregnant mom on an ipad

Can you put postpartum stuff on a baby registry?

Yes. Not only can you, you absolutely should put postpartum items on your baby registry. There is a significant amount of recovery your body has to do in those few weeks after birth, and the process of bringing home a baby (while caring for yourself) takes a village.

Here’s a quick list of postpartum items for your registry, but we share our 15 must-haves and go into more detail below.

  • Any postpartum recovery essentials
  • A Cash fund for professional services
  • Gift cards to restaurants and stores
  • Clothing for recovery
  • Breast pumps and accessories (if applicable)

Whether this is your first or second (or more!) baby, don’t forget to add postpartum items to your registry. Mom (and partner) always need all the support they can get when a baby is born.

Plus, don’t forget, depending on where you make your baby registry (Amazon, Target, Babylist, etc.), you could unlock a free mom and baby sample box once you complete the necessary steps.

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mom in chunky cream sweater snuggling a newborn baby

Adding postpartum items to your baby registry

If you are making your baby registry on Babylist (our preferred registry platform), you can add items from anywhere on the internet to your list and categorize the items specifically for your postpartum recovery.

They have the following categories for postpartum and parent gifts:

  • It Takes a Village (Help & Favors)
  • For the Parent(s)
  • Cash & Gift Certificates
  • A Little Something Extra
  • Cash Funds
  • Other

As you can see, Babylist makes it easy for expecting parents to add something for themselves to their baby registry, so make sure to take advantage of these features and create more opportunities for postpartum support.

a stack of neutral baby clothing items

15 postpartum items for your registry

Here are our top postpartum items we’d recommend you add to your registry. If some of these items don’t apply or appeal to you, don’t worry. Focus on adding what’s best for you and your family to your registry and nothing more.

Whatever will help you feel best supported postpartum should be on your list.

  1. Recovery essentials
  2. Snacks
  3. Cash for a house cleaner
  4. Gift cards for food delivery
  5. Feeding essentials
  6. Amazon and Target gift cards
  7. Postpartum books
  8. Cash fund for doula
  9. Herbal teas
  10. Self-care essentials
  11. Favors around the house
  12. Comfy postpartum clothes
  13. Streaming services
  14. Cash for lactation services
  15. A meal train

1. Recovery essentials

While the hospital will undoubtedly send you home with postpartum recovery essentials, add some to your registry.

We love the pre-made postpartum recovery gift bundles by Bodily as they contain reusable mesh undies, pads, grippy socks, peri bottles, stool softeners, and more, all in one easily giftable box.

Check out their postpartum boxes:

You can also build-a-postpartum box right on our website. Whether for yourself or a friend, simply shop from our curated recovery picks, add what you’ll need for after birth, and we’ll do the rest.

2. Your favorite shelf-stable snacks

Don’t shy away from adding your favorite snacks to your postpartum registry. Think protein bars, beef jerky, granola, oatmeal cups, etc.

infographic suggesting postpartum items to add to your baby registry

3. Money for a housecleaning session

This is one of our top suggestions for postpartum items on a registry. In those first few weeks, you should only worry about recovering from birth, cuddling, and bonding with your newborn.

The dishes, toilets, and laundry can wait until someone else can do them. You, under no circumstances, should be that person.

4. Gift cards for food delivery

We’re all for meal delivery (at any time of the day), especially during those early postpartum days. Ask for DoorDash or UberEats gift cards on your registry, so you know they will cover at least a few meals.

5. Feeding essentials

Plan on formula feeding? Add bottles, a formula pitcher, a bottle warmer, a dishwasher organizer, a countertop drying rack, and anything else you might need.

If breastfeeding is part of your journey, don’t shy away from adding some breastfeeding essentials to your registry (maybe even a pump!).

Some items to include are:

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a mom breastfeeding in a green jumpsuit

6. Amazon and Target gift cards

You can expect a lot of late-night shopping sessions while you’re feeding your baby. An Amazon or Target gift card can help offset the cost of any last-minute items you need, and you can also purchase items for yourself as needed.

Tip: if you need an item quickly, use Target’s drive-up order pick-up. Download their app, and you can designate anyone to be your pick-up person. Orders are typically ready in under two hours.

7. Postpartum recovery eBooks

While reading your pregnancy books, don’t forget about postpartum books, too. Make sure to add postpartum books to your registry to give you a jump on what to expect in life after birth, especially regarding your mental health and weekly recovery.

Check out our new collection of expert-written postpartum eBooks.

8. Cash fund for a postpartum doula

A postpartum doula can help with meal prep, wash, and clean baby items, run loads of laundry, and support your mental and physical recovery.

Some postpartum doulas even offer overnight care for your baby so you can catch up on some much-needed sleep. Adding the option of a cash fund for hiring a doula for a few weeks can help offset the stress of bringing home a newborn.

9. Herbal teas for recovery

A mug of warm tea can feel so grounding during early postpartum days (or anytime, really). Consider adding a few postpartum recovery teas to your registry. It’s a small act of self-care that can help take the edge off for a few minutes.

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10. Self-care essentials

Speaking of self-care, make sure to add some items to your registry that encourage you to better care for yourself. Think slippers, a cozy robe (with pockets), a new water bottle, snacks (as we’ve already mentioned), or a few books.

a mug of tea on a wooden saucer

11. Favors around the house

Don’t be shy to ask for household favors on your registry. It’s a great way for visitors to feel like they’re contributing to your postpartum and helps ensure that they’re helping, not just holding the baby when they visit.

Some household tasks to ask for could include:

  • Walking the dog
  • Watching older children
  • Bringing over meals
  • Doing the dishes
  • Folding loads of laundry
  • Prepping food for meals
  • Dropping off groceries

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12. Comfortable postpartum clothing

Make sure to add any clothing you might need for postpartum recovery, including nursing tanks, nursing bras, postpartum underwear, lounge sets, robes, a super-luxe nursing dress, slippers, etc.

You must feel as comfortable as possible during your recovery, investing in some of the best postpartum loungewear. Trust us on this one.

13. A streaming subscription (Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

Contrary to popular belief, you’ll probably spend a lot of time lounging and napping in front of the TV most days (and nights). Make sure you have some quality shows to binge while the baby does all the newborn things.

Ask for a gift card (or even a full-year subscription) to streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, Discovery, Hulu, etc.

Tip: Not ready to commit? Try Amazon Prime Video free for 30 days.

14. Money for a lactation consultant

If you are set on breastfeeding and want additional support to help you navigate your milk coming in or to assess your baby’s latch, you can start a cash fund for a lactation consultant (in-person or virtual) to help.

It’s essential to check with your hospital first, as some offer breastfeeding support one-on-one or in a group setting which you can bill through insurance.

15. A meal train or food delivery service

Feeding yourself can feel daunting when you are focused on keeping a newborn fed and alive while recovering from birth. Add an ask for a meal train to your registry or opt for a postpartum meal delivery service to deliver pre-made meals right to your doorstep to help make eating that much easier.

man carrying take-out containers of food

Final thoughts on adding postpartum items to your baby registry

No matter what postpartum things you decide to add to your baby registry, know that the greatest gift you can give yourself is asking for help when needed. Ideally, before you need it.

Take some time to consider what help looks like for you and your family once your baby has arrived. Then, do your best to communicate your needs to those who want to support you.

It does take a village, and you aren’t meant to do this alone.

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