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25 Fun and Unforgettable Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

ultrasound and baby items for pregnancy announcement

If you are excited at the thought of telling your parents you’re expecting but aren’t sure how to share the news, this post is packed with easy and creative ways to share you’re pregnant.

For many, very few moments are as exciting as telling your parents you’re expecting. At the same time that you’re becoming a parent, your parents are becoming grandparents.

Many couples want to capture this exciting moment on camera to replay and enjoy it for years to come. 

ultrasound and baby items for pregnancy announcement

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How to tell your parents you’re pregnant

You can make this moment even more exciting by telling your parents about their new grandchild in a fun way.

While planning your announcement, consider your parent’s temperament and sense of humor. The best time for a surprise is when cameras are already out for another event.

Here are five fun and unforgettable ways to tell your parents you’re expecting. 

1. Give them a gift

One popular way to announce a new grandchild is with a gift. If you line up your gift with another event, like a birthday or Christmas, it will be easier to surprise your parents. A random gift throughout the year will probably tip them off.

Here are some fun gifts that can help announce your new baby:

  • Baby booties
  • Onesies
  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Baby books

If you’re good at keeping secrets, your parents might initially not understand the meaning behind your gift. To help them get the hint quickly, combine a baby-themed gift with text that explains your point more clearly. You could put words on your gift – like text on a mug or shirt – or include an explanatory card. 

Make sure you capture this moment on film so you can’t enjoy it later. Usually, one parent understands the gift much faster than the other. Be prepared for them to cry, scream or jump up and down with excitement once they realize you’re expecting!

Gifts are a sweet, fun way to let your parents know they’re becoming grandparents. 

woman with pregnancy announcement on belly

2. Let the older kids share

If you already have kids, consider letting them tell their grandparents about a new sibling.

Couples expecting for the first time sometimes rely on their sibling’s kids or other young family members to let grandparents know. This takes the pressure off of you and can be a lot of fun for the child who gets to tell. 

Here are a few ways a child could tell grandparents about a new baby: 

  • Take them an ultrasound
  • Give them a bouquet with a flower for each grandchild
  • Wear clothing that says “Big Bro” or “Big Sister”
  • Tell them about their new brother or sister
  • Say they’re coming to visit when the new baby is born

Letting children tell grandparents about a new baby is a gentle way to let them know.

They’ll come to you immediately for confirmation, and you can tell them the kids are right about a new baby. If you already have young kids, this is a fun way to let grandparents know they can expect a new grandchild. 

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3. Show them pictures

If you’re unsure how to announce pregnancy to your parents, use pictures instead of words. There are a dozen fun ways to show your parents a new ultrasound, from putting it on their menu at a restaurant to emailing it to them with the word “Surprise!” as your subject line. You can also wrap the ultrasound image and give it as a gift. 

Here are some other ideas for how to use an ultrasound image as a baby announcement:  

Another fun way to use pictures is by making a scrapbook with images of their other grandchildren. Then, include a blank page at the end with a question mark or announcement text.

You could even have your due date or health documents that show you’re getting your ducks in a row and preparing for your family to expand.  

balloons saying "it's a girl"

4. Make them food

You could also announce a new grandchild over food. This is an excellent opportunity because people are already gathered together. If you’re eating a special meal together, it’s normal for phones to be out and cameras to roll.

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Here are a few fun ways you could announce a new baby with food: 

  • Bake cupcakes with pink and blue frosting
  • Ice “New Grandparents” on a cake
  • Show everyone the colors of butterfly tea
  • Make pink and blue peanut cookies
  • Re-label a jar of Prego pasta sauce

If your food announcement isn’t obvious, you can ask leading questions to help your family understand. For example, comment on the colors and ask if pink and blue remind them of anything. A good meal or dessert will make your announcement that much sweeter. 

5. Just tell them

If your parents prefer clear communication, why not just tell them? Choose a particular place or time to make the occasion more memorable.

For example, you could wait until you’re alone with them or until everyone is gathered for a family event. Simply telling your parents you’re pregnant will still be a fun surprise.

Here are a few ideas for the best ways to tell your parents that you’re expecting: 

  • Take them out to dinner 
  • Go on a trip together and tell them
  • Have them say “Grandparents” or “(your name here) is pregnant!” before a photo
  • Insert the announcement into regular conversation
  • Announce you’re moving because of the baby

You don’t have to create a complicated plan to make this moment special. Choose an appropriate time and let your parents know they will be grandparents. If you don’t want them to suspect, insert your announcement into everyday life. This can be as serious or funny as you’d like. 

family telling grandparents they are expecting a baby

Final thoughts on telling your parents you’re pregnant

Getting pregnant can be one of the most exciting moments in a couple’s life. One of the best things about expecting is sharing that joy with the people you love. They’ll support you throughout pregnancy and after your baby is born.

Use these tips to find a fun, exciting way to tell your parents that you’re expecting. 

Whether you give them a hint disguised as a gift or let younger family members tell them about the new baby. Use ultrasound pictures or make them color-coded food that announces your pregnancy. You can also find a special moment to tell them.

However you choose to make the announcement, give them space to react and enjoy the moment. 

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