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New! Written by three feeding experts, including an IBCLC, a pediatric dietitian, and a nurse practitioner, this comprehensive feeding guide covers what you should know about breastfeeding, formula feeding, and everything in between.

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Supportive, educational, and judgement-free

There's more than one way to feed your baby

Whether you're nursing, pumping, formula feeding, or combining all three, there is no one right way to feed a baby. We believe all that matters is that you feed your baby with love, so this feeding guide is non-judgmental and packed with what you need to know. This eBook is designed for babies 0-6 months old (before starting solids).

Comprehensive support

What's included?

• A 70+ page eBook
• A printable feeding supplies list
• Step-by-step latching guide
• Suggested pumping schedule and pump guide
• Three steps to picking a baby formula
• What to expect: baby poop guide

Plus, feeding experts share their best tips and advice for feeding your baby in a realistic and sustainable way.


Information you can trust

Written by a nurse practitioner, an IBCLC, and a pediatric dietitian, this 70+ page eBook covers everything about feeding baby and how to care for yourself in the process.

Learning how to feed your baby can feel overwhelming at times, and it's critical to know your options and feel confident in yourself, your decisions, and your baby. This guide can help.


What will I learn?

This eBook will teach you:

• Types of infant feeding including pumping, formula, nursing, and more
• The different formulas, feeding positions, and pumps
• Signs it's time to ask for professional feeding support
• How to select, use, clean, and store your breast pump
• Tips for choosing the best formula for your baby
• One professionals preferred bottle choice (and why!)
• Tips for feeling confident in your feeding choices (no matter what your journey looks like!)

This eBook was written by a nurse practitioner, an IBCLC, and a pediatric dietitian (who is also a lactation consultant!).

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