Postpartum Care Bundle: Complete eBook Collection

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Preparing for postpartum? This bundle contains all seven postpartum eBooks and covers everything about birth recovery. It's like getting two books for free!

• Mental Health Guide (60 pages)
#1 Bestseller! C-Section Recovery Guide (60 pages)
• Baby Feeding Guide (75 pages)
• Week-by-Week Recovery Handbook (50 pages)
• Nutrition Book and Recipes (40 pages)
• Hormone Handbook (50 pages)
• Self-Care Plan (30 pages)

Postpartum Mental Health Guide

A comprehensive 60+ page guide to help you understand and protect your mental health after birth. Authored by a licensed therapist, a licensed counselor, a pediatric sleep consultant, and a licensed social worker.

C-section Recovery Plan

Worldwide, 1 in 5 births is a C-section. Unfortunately, for many, there isn’t much standard care support for life after a cesarean birth. This eBook covers what you need to know about recovery (and beyond).

Baby Feeding Guide

Whether you're nursing, pumping, formula feeding, or combining all three, there is no one right way to feed a baby. We believe all that matters is that you feed your baby with love, so this feeding guide is non-judgmental and packed with what you need to know

Week-by-Week Postpartum Recovery Guide

This 50+ page week-by-week postpartum guide covers everything you need to know about recovery and life after birth. Written by a Certified Nurse Midwife, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Postpartum Doula, and a Pelvic Floor Therapist.

Postpartum Nutrition Book And Recipe Guide

This practical and approachable guide explains how—and what – to eat postpartum to support recovery. It also includes 40+ easy-to-make recipes to encourage healing. The book was written by a postpartum doula, a lactation consultant, and (three!) published postpartum cookbook authors.

Postpartum Hormone Handbook

From postpartum hair loss to those pesky night sweats, hormonal changes don’t stop after pregnancy. Learn what you – and your hormones – can expect after birth—a 50+ page guide written by a naturopathic doctor and a functional medicine practitioner.

Postpartum Self-Care Plan

Written by a self-care author and the founder of Hello Postpartum, this 30+ page postpartum self-care eBook shares the tools and plan you need to care for yourself sustainably after birth. 

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Why the Postpartum Care Bundle

Our Postpartum Care Bundle contains six eBooks covering the most critical components of postpartum: nutrition, mental health, hormones, self-care, C-section recovery, and week-by-week recovery. You’ll go from feeling left in the dark about life after having a baby to feeling empowered throughout your recovery.

Because, after all, your postpartum care is just as critical as your baby’s newborn care. And that care starts now.

Comprehensive support

What's included?

This bundle contains all six postpartum eBooks and covers everything about birth recovery.

• Mental Health Guide (60 pages)
#1 Bestseller! C-Section Recovery Guide (60 pages)
• Week-by-Week Recovery Handbook (50 pages)
• Nutrition Book and Recipes (40 pages)
• Hormone Handbook (50 pages)
• Self-Care Plan (30 pages)

not like the rest

Our books are different

Written by postpartum experts, including doulas, midwives, nurses, nutritionists, lactation consultants, therapists, and more, the Postpartum Care Bundle offers you the knowledge of 15 postpartum experts all in one spot.

Can we tell you a secret? Everyone prepares for birth, but no one prepares for postpartum. This (huge mistake) often leaves new parents feeling overwhelmed, confused, and isolated in their experience after childbirth.

With our postpartum eBook bundle, you will feel fully prepared and more confident during your recovery.


What will I learn?

Our eBooks detail the post-birth topics you should know:

• Warning signs of postpartum depression and other PMADs
• Cesarean and vaginal birth recovery tips
• Sleep deprivation support
• Hormone timeline (and what to expect!)
• C-section wound care and support tools
• A detailed guide on birth control options
• How to prepare your home for recovery
• What postpartum bloodwork to request
• Postpartum-friendly recipes and snack ideas

...and so, so much more!

Our postpartum eBooks were authored by licensed postpartum experts in their field. From pelvic floor physical therapists to nutritionists to doulas to certified nurse-midwives, and more, you'll get the education and knowledge you need for life after birth, all in a convenient digital book form.

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Customer Reviews

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Valuable and Helpful eBooks!

I purchased these eBooks as a gift for a new mom to help offer support from afar. There's so much valuable information packed into this bundle and I absolutely recommend this for any new mother going through postpartum!

Mary Marsch
Amazing Resource For All New Moms!

This is a tremendous resource all new moms should have. Each book is expertly written and provides support, education and other valuable information about the postpartum experience in an easy to read format. I highly recommend this bundle for anyone looking for support during postpartum.

These eBooks are invaluable!

The level of support and information these eBooks offer isn't available anywhere else online. There's *so much* that you're not told about when preparing for and recovering from birth. I can't imagine getting through it without these!