Postpartum Nutrition Book and Recipe Guide

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A practical and approachable guide written by licensed postpartum nutrition experts on how – and what – to eat to support your postpartum recovery. Recipes, meal prep tips, and more, all in one easy-to-read guide.

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includes 40+ easy, nourishing recipes

You're going to be hungry after birth

A practical and approachable guide on how – and what – to eat in postpartum to support your recovery. Plus, 40+ easy-to-make recipes to encourage healing. Inside, you'll find what to cook, when to start cooking (hello, freezer meals!), how to strategically organize your kitchen, postpartum meal prep tips, and so much more.

Comprehensive support

What's included?

• A 50+ page eBook
• A printable postpartum shopping list
• Pantry and kitchen prep guide
• An easy snack "cheat sheet"
• Postpartum meal prep tips
• 40+ recipes (like Healing Chicken Soup, Overnight Oats, Cashew Date Bites, Breakfast Burritos, and more!)

Plus, a nutritionist shares what to order from drive-thru restaurants to support your healing. Let's be honest: life is busy.


Information you can trust

Written by a postpartum doula, a lactation consultant, a dietitian, and (three!) published postpartum cookbook authors, this 50+ page eBook covers everything to know about navigating food, nutrients, and mealtimes after birth.

It can be alarming how challenging it is to feed yourself (and a baby!) after birth, and this helpful eBook will be your guide to keeping yourself nourished and fed to promote recovery.


What will I learn?

This eBook will teach you:

  • What food is essential after birth
  • How to eat for healing, recovery, and breastfeeding
  • Top postpartum nutrients you need
  • 40+ easy and delicious recipes (and meal prep ideas!)
  • A printable postpartum shopping list
  • How to eat to support breastfeeding
  • Tips to prepare your kitchen before the baby arrives

...and so, so much more!

This eBook was written by a Postpartum Doula, a Lactation Consultant, a Dietitian, and (three!) published postpartum cookbook authors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Morgan Quinn
Postpartum Nutrition

This book was absolutely perfect for what I was wanting and looking for! It’s laid out perfectly and makes postpartum food preparation so much easier! Thank you!

Rosalyn Helmuth
Very Helpful

I always struggle knowing what to eat postpartum. Hello Postpartum has been very helpful in providing ideas and recipes for postpartum.

Rabab Alhunaidi
Its amazing

Im a certified postpartum nutrition, and let me tell u, the flow of the information in this ebook is even better than my certification. I love everything about this ebook!