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Supportive Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resources

infant loss resources

One in four women will experience a loss, but few know where to turn. These supportive resources for pregnancy and infant loss can help you begin to heal on your own timeline.

I so deeply wish there didn’t have to be a day dedicated to the unique pain parents endure by losing their child. The road to parenthood isn’t always direct: infertility, loss, rainbows, and often more questions than answers. 

Odds are, either you or someone you know has endured a loss (or multiple) of this depth. I am truly sorry. No combination of words can be the balm to soothe that deep, soul-crushing heartache.

As a bereavement and birth doula, I want to have all kinds of resources available for anyone that may reach out. Our role as your doula is to provide you with non-clinical, evidence-based, and judgment-free options for your specific situation. Having a Stillbirthday (SBD) doula at your side eliminates your need for searching and scrolling for the next steps. We have local community resources at hand and are trained for birth in any trimester.

For those navigating pregnancy or infant loss:

Even if I don’t know everything about your situation, here are a few of the resources I lovingly share with parents seeking support:

  • Postpartum Support International: PSI has support groups and helpful resources to help new parents and support their mental health while navigating the loss of a child. You can search for a provider in your area or call or text to talk with someone.
  • The Morning: provides community, podcasts, and a grief guide, all free of charge. You can listen to the episodes here.
  • Bereavement doula support: join their Facebook group to search for and connect with a  Stillbirthday doula in your area. Most offer their services for free. Having someone physically present to help support you while you navigate the many decisions that need to be made can be so incredibly helpful.

For those supporting someone experiencing a loss:

If you are supporting someone who is experiencing loss, here are a few loving suggestions to best support them during this time:

  • Listen more than you talk 
  • Avoid the common ‘at least…’ and ‘it was just…’ silence fillers
  • Check-in with them with no expectation for a response and meet them where they’re at
  • Remember: they’re still postpartum, and they’re healing and recovering both emotionally and physically. Consider sending a meal or gift card from a meal delivery service.

Healing encouragement for those experiencing loss

We must rally around each other and share our stories, our hearts, and the little lives that shaped our own in a profound and forever way.

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Pregnancy, infant, and child loss is heart-shattering grief no one wants to endure. It’s not your fault. You are heard. You are not alone. You are so very loved. 

Mama, give yourself permission to feel, to hurt, and to process emotions. Do this on your own timeline and in your way.

Amber Hatfield

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