A Free Mental Health Checklist for New Moms

Having conversations around difficult postpartum emotions can feel tough. This downloadable worksheet will help you communicate what’s important.

With motherhood comes a surge of hormonal changes, intense emotions, and often sleepless nights. It can feel tricky or almost shameful to communicate the complex thoughts and feelings on your mind, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up.

Motherhood Understood designed the below worksheet to help you and your support team get on the same page about how you’re feeling. Self-advocacy is critical to ensure you’re receiving the proper care you deserve. We invite you to reflect, fill it out, and begin to have the necessary conversations around your mental health. Your mental health matters.

Access the postpartum mental health downloads

You can download the Mama-First Mental Health Checklist and bonus infographic below.

postpartum mental health checklist

Jen Schwartz

Founder and CEO of Motherhood Understood

At Motherhood Understood, our mission is to educate, connect and prepare women for the emotional complications that sometimes accompany childbirth in the weeks, months, and even years that follow so that no woman has to suffer from pregnancy or postpartum mental health illness in isolation.

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