Free Postpartum Planner and Recovery Guide

Why postpartum planning matters

We spend much of pregnancy preparing for labor and birth – but how much time goes into planning for when the nurses are gone, and the baby is finally home?

There are things to buy, conversations to have, and hormonal rollercoasters to ride. For many new parents, postpartum can feel confusing and overwhelming.

Our free postpartum planner can help.

What you’ll find inside

  • A printable postpartum must-haves checklist
  • A list of common postpartum feelings
  • Care provider organizer
  • The typical challenges you can expect
  • Space for a feeding and sleep plan
  • Tips to help you feel empowered
  • How to ask for the support you need
  • Strategies for getting organized for recovery
  • Empowering affirmations and mantras
  • Extra resources and support tools