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Standing Up for Your Rights as a Formula Feeding Parent

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Join Carley and The Formula Mom as they discuss how to self-advocate to your partner, your hospital, and society when you know formula feeding is the best option for you and your baby. Take a listen to learn what Mallory has to say.

Episode 002 | Mallory Whitmore of The Formula Mom

Breastfeeding. But at what cost?

It is pushed on new mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. But what if breastfeeding isn’t an option for you? What if it’s too painful or having a severe effect on your mental health? Or you just don’t want to.

Despite popular belief, it’s okay not to breastfeed.

Talking with Mallory Whitmore of The Formula Mom, we’re here to move that stigma to the sidelines and give mom’s the confidence and support in their decision to formula feed their little ones. This episode is all about self-advocating and helping those mothers struggling with their decision to find some peace of mind.

Meet Mallory of The Formula Feeding Mom

Formula-feeding mom. Wife. Introvert. Carb-lover. Infant Feeding Tech.

Always picking a fight with mommy shamers on the internet (oops). Mallory’s mission is to help parents drop the guilt about how they feed so they can stress less and enjoy their baby more. Believer in what-works-for-your-family is best!

Topics covered in this episode

1:43 | Her experience with breastfeeding
5:30 | Mom’s health
6:57 | “I don’t want to breastfeed”
12:50 | Formula feeding challenges
16:30 | Baby-friendly hospitals
22:45 | Baby-friendly advice
33:05 | Everything is allowed
34:21 | What she wishes someone told her about postpartum

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