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Watch Now: Sustainable Self-Care Tips for New Moms

self-care products on bathroom vanity

Self-care can feel unattainable when you’re a new mom, but no matter how challenging it can feel, it’s absolutely critical for your health and wellness. Use these tips to start today.

According to some, self-care comprises grandiose, indulgent acts like having a spa day or pamper weekend with your girlfriend’s, going on long hikes alone, grueling exercise routines, and eating a perfect nourishing diet 100% of the time. So, it’s no wonder that, as moms, we put self-care in the too-hard basket.

I think we know every single one of those things just isn’t possible in our daily lives. 

self-care products on bathroom vanity

Changing how we view self-care for mothers

What if I told you that isn’t what proper self-care is? And that true self-care is easily achievable every day if you build it upon the right habits? 

As moms, we need to be functioning at 100%, not only for ourselves but also for the little people who depend so heavily on us. Motherhood is grueling, so we need the tools to get through it, and self-care can help.

As much as the advertised ideals of self-care have their place, and every mother deserves that time, it’s just not practical. There’s hardly enough time in the average day of a busy mom.

We need to change how we view self-care, especially when it comes to properly supporting our new mothers.

Saira Allen

Watch now: practical tips on creating self-care

In the video below, you will learn small and easily implementable ways to incorporate self-care into your daily life.

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If you’re worried it’ll be too much to handle, don’t stress. This self-care practice won’t be overwhelming because it starts by removing one thing you don’t need in your life and adding one thing you do. Sounds good to us!

Postpartum Doula, Saira Allen

Final thoughts on self-care as a new mom

Ultimately, I want you to stop thinking about self-care as those grandiose acts of self-care, and instead, I want you to think about self-care as small moments you can add to your day. Also, consider the decisions you can make that put your well-being first. 

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or require a massive amount of time. It can quite simply be making a decision that puts You first for a moment or two throughout your day.

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