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Postpartum Diapers for New Moms? These Are the Best on the Market

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You knew your baby would come home from the hospital in diapers, but did you would, too? Here are our picks for the best postpartum diapers after birth.

As a new mom, preparing for the postpartum period can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know what to expect or what the most effective and helpful postpartum products are. Trust me, I've been there.

I've chatted with so many moms who are overwhelmed with recovery after birth and many who didn't add any postpartum recovery items (like diapers, undies, or pads!) to their registry. Take this as your sign to not only learn more about the benefits of postpartum diapers but also add a pack or two to your baby registry today.

Benefits of postpartum diapers

Less bulky than pads

Easy to put on/take off

All-in-one convenience

More secure protection

Personally, I loved using postpartum diapers after birth because they were less messy than dealing with mesh underwear and bulky pads. I could stay comfortable and clean while healing once I found the style and brand that worked.

As a two-time C-section mom, I preferred the diapers because they were easy to remove and didn't bother my incision site. I just ripped the side to step out of the diaper instead of crunching over to put on underwear (which, if you’ve ever had a C-section, you know how painful it is to bend over!).

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Benefits of wearing postpartum underwear

FAQs: Postpartum diapers

If you're thinking about using postpartum diapers after birth, you might have some questions on your mind. Check out our quick answers below (and more in-depth answers even further down!).

What size should I buy?

Consider ordering one size up in your postpartum diapers to ensure you're comfortable and for the best fit.

How long will I wear diapers?

Typically, postpartum diapers are worn for the first few days to a week after delivery, when bleeding is at its heaviest.

Are there specific features to consider?

Keep in mind the absorbency level, ease of ordering, materials, sizing, etc.

Incontinence vs. postpartum diapers

Incontinence diapers are designed to be worn over a more extended period, are highly absorbent (designed to hold a full adult bladder!), and have a thicker design, which might be uncomfortable for some. 

Postpartum diapers are designed specifically for the postpartum time (period cotton-cover underwear could work, too!).

Will the hospital provide them?

While the hospital will provide you with something to manage bleeding (also called lochia during postpartum), it could be pads and mesh underwear or postpartum diapers. What's provided will vary by hospital.

What size should I buy?

No two people experience the postpartum journey the same way, so whatever works for you is the route you should take.

When choosing the right size, remember that your body will undergo significant changes after birth.

You will experience some abdominal swelling and discomfort after birth, so keep this in mind and consider going for a size larger than you would normally wear if you weren’t postpartum. This will provide additional comfort and ensure that the diaper fits appropriately.

It’s also important to consider the level of absorbency you’ll need. Most postpartum diapers are designed to handle heavy bleeding, but keeping the absorbency aspect in mind when choosing what brand and size to opt for is helpful.

The list below with our brand picks should give you a good idea of the different features, sizing, and absorbency options so you understand what to look for when choosing your postpartum diapers.

As a two-time C-section mom, I preferred postpartum diapers because they were easy to remove and didn't bother my incision site. I stayed comfortable and clean once I found the brand that worked best for me (number five on this list!).

Carley Schweet, Founder of Hello Postpartum

How long will I wear diapers?

The length of time postpartum diapers are worn can vary since everyone is different. Typically, postpartum diapers are worn for the first few days to a week after delivery, when bleeding is at its heaviest.

Every woman’s experience is unique, and it’s essential to listen to your body and follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding postpartum care.

Some women may need to wear a postpartum diaper longer, while others feel comfortable switching to pads sooner.

Plan on changing your diaper about 4 to 5 times a day for at least the first week you’re postpartum – but it’s always safer to have more just in case.

Whatever your experience, remember that it’s all part of the postpartum journey, and there is no one “right” way to navigate it.

What other features should I keep in mind?

Here's what else to consider when finding the right brand and fit for your postpartum body:

• Absorbency level
• Unique features
• Sizing
• Ease of ordering
• Materials

Differences between incontinence and postpartum diapers?

Incontinence diapers and postpartum diapers aren't exactly the same thing, but they can both work for the recovery period after birth. Ultimately, the best postpartum diapers will be what fits your preferences the most. 

Incontinence diapers: They are designed to be worn over a more extended period, are highly absorbent (designed to hold a full adult bladder!), and have a thicker design, which might be uncomfortable for some.

Postpartum diapers: These are made specifically for the postpartum time and designed to hold blood (also known as lochia during postpartum). You can also look for ones that are used for periods, too!

Will the hospital provide them?

While the hospital will provide you with something to manage bleeding (also called lochia during postpartum), it could be pads and mesh underwear or postpartum diapers. 

Ultimately, what is provided for you after birth will vary by hospital. If you're unsure about what is provided after birth, it's best to chat with your OB-GYN or midwife.

The best postpartum diapers on the market

1. Always Discreet

The Always Discreet line is a favorite among postpartum mamas. Always is known for its highly absorbent products, and its Discreet line of underwear is perfect for the postpartum period.

They are soft, breathable, protective, and comfortable and come in various inclusive sizes. Shop now.

2. Attn: Grace Disposable Underwear

Known for their extra-high absorbency and skin-safe materials, the postpartum brief-style diapers from Attn: Grace is a winner in our book. 

The materials are silky-soft and made from plants (no harmful chemicals here!).

Pro tip: Use code HELLOPOSTPARTUM10 at checkout to save 10% on Attn: Grace's high-quality postpartum diapers, pads, and more. Order now.

box of postpartum diapers

3. Depend Night Defense Underwear

Another brand that’s renowned for its impressive degree of absorbency and protection is Depend.

The Night Defense Underwear line is a tried-and-true product that offers fast and remarkable absorption while remaining breathable and in place with its form-fitting waistband.

The best part? The diapers come in five different sizes. 


4. Saalt Period Underwear

If disposable postpartum diapers aren’t your jam, you can opt for something washable and reusable.

Several different brands of period underwear are on the market today, and Saalt is definitely a crowd favorite, especially their high-waisted modal boyshorts.

Not your vibe? Don't worry—this underwear comes in different absorbencies, styles, and sizes, so you can find your perfect pair with sustainable protection. Shop now.

5. Rael Cotton Cover Disposable Underwear

If you prefer a postpartum diaper made with organic cotton, the Rael Cotton Cover Disposable Underwear is for you. 

They’re made with no harsh chemicals and are a better option than some on the market. These were the best postpartum diapers for me.

A diaper made of organic cotton is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. This line also provides excellent protection, especially overnight. Shop now.

Rael cotton cover period underwear

6. Amazon Basics Postpartum Underwear

For an easily accessible and more affordable option, the Amazon Basics Postpartum Underwear is a fantastic choice.

The packs come with 60 pairs of highly absorbable yet breathable underwearIf you prefer to bulk order your necessities online with fast shipping, this is your winner.

Add these to your list of postpartum essentials. Shop now.

7. Veeda Plant-Based Organic Postpartum Diapers

The Veeda Plant-Based Organic Postpartum Diapers are another fantastic choice for sensitive skin or allergies.

In addition to being absorbent and more environmentally friendly than other disposable options, these diapers are infused with a green tea leaf extract that significantly affects how cool and dry you feel while wearing them. Shop now.

8. Tena Incontinence Underwear

If you’re looking for a postpartum diaper that won’t make you question whether it’s absorbent enough, Tena Incontinence Underwear is what you need.

Comprised of three soft layers for maximum protection, this underwear feels thin enough and is not bulky like a diaper. Shop now.

9. Depend Silhouette Underwear

On our list again is the brand Depend, but they are just that trustworthy and superior in quality.

Depend has a few different diaper options, but the Depend Silhouette Underwear line is what you’ll want to go with if you want something with a more feminine design that fits comfortably under your clothes.

Even though these fit seamlessly under clothes, these diapers are impressively absorbent and offer leak-free protection, so you can rest assured you’ll be protected as you go about your day. Shop now.

Final thoughts on using postpartum diapers

Postpartum diapers are often underrated afterbirth care items. Finding the brand and style that works for you will help make your recovery easier (even if a little bit), and you deserve the best postpartum diapers.

Less bulky than pads 

Offer ease and convenience after birth

Provide protection against leaks

Easier than pads for C-section birth recovery

Feeling comfortable, confident, and secure in your postpartum recovery is invaluable. You'll thank yourself later by adding a pack of postpartum diapers to your Amazon cart or baby registry.

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