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Sipping Your Way Through Recovery: A Guide to Postpartum Teas

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Welcoming a baby into the world is a magical yet demanding time, filled with moments of joy, exhaustion, and everything in between.

As a new mom, taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your little one. Postpartum teas can be a delightful and effective way to support your recovery and well-being. 

Here’s a guide to some fantastic teas we stock at Hello Postpartum that can help make your postpartum journey smoother and more enjoyable. We’ve hand-picked these teas from small businesses worldwide to support you after birth.  

Benefits of herbal tea after birth

I love using postpartum tea during recovery because it's an easy way to create a moment of calm and care for yourself. In a time that's so focused on baby and their needs, a simple cup of tea can bring so much nourishment and comfort, among other benefits like:

  • Nutrient Replenishment: Packed with vitamins and minerals, these herbs help replenish the body's stores, promoting faster recovery.
  • Hormone Regulation: Red raspberry leaf supports uterine health and hormonal balance, aiding in a smoother postpartum transition.
  • Detoxification and Digestion: Dandelion root can help support liver function and detoxification, while nettle helps with digestion and reducing overall inflammation.
  • Boosting Energy Levels: This tea helps boost energy levels by replenishing essential nutrients and aiding in digestion, combating the fatigue that often accompanies new motherhood.

Shop our favorite postpartum teas

More about our favorite postpartum teas

Mother Blend Postpartum Support Tea

This postpartum tea is a powerhouse of nourishing ingredients like nettle leaf, oat straw, red raspberry leaf, lemon balm, and chamomile. It’s designed to replenish essential nutrients, balance hormones, and reduce stress, making it perfect for new moms needing extra TLC.

Iron Booster Tea

Iron Booster Tea combines nettle leaf, dandelion root, yellow dock root, and peppermint to create a natural iron supplement. It helps fight postpartum anemia, boosts energy, and improves digestion, making it an excellent choice for combating fatigue.

Glow Mama Tea

Glow Mama Tea is designed to support skin health and give you that postpartum glow. It's packed with herbs like rosehips, nettle, and chamomile, and it’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help you feel and look radiant.

Chill Mama Tea

Feeling overwhelmed? Chill Mama Tea is your go-to for relaxation. It combines calming herbs like lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile to help you unwind and promote a sense of calm during those hectic newborn days.

Breast Milk Booster Tea

For breastfeeding moms, Breast Milk Booster Tea is a must-try. Ingredients like fenugreek, fennel, and blessed thistle help enhance milk production and support lactation, ensuring a plentiful supply for your little one.

Herbal Postpartum Tea

Herbal Postpartum Tea is a general blend designed to support overall recovery. Nourishing herbs like red raspberry leaf, nettle, and dandelion help replenish nutrients and aid in postpartum healing.

Organic No More Milk Tea

Organic No More Milk Tea is your best bet if you want to wean or reduce milk production. It contains herbs like sage, peppermint, and parsley, known for naturally decreasing milk supply.

Nothing a cup of postpartum tea can't fix

While a cup of tea can't solve all of your problems and challenges after birth, with all of the postpartum-specific blends and options on the market today, it seems like more and more are realizing just how powerful these herbal teas are. And we couldn't agree more. 

Drinking tea after birth can help with:

Nutrient replenishment

Hormone regulation

Detoxification and digestion

Boost energy levels

Sip, (try to) relax, and recover after birth

Incorporating these postpartum teas into your routine can be a soothing and beneficial way to support your recovery. As a two-time mom, drinking tea after birth was an easy way for me to care for myself and create a moment of calm.

Whether you need to boost your iron, calm your nerves, enhance your milk supply, or just enjoy peace, there's a tea for that. Cheers to a happy and healthy postpartum journey!

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