The 21 Most Thoughtful and Useful Gifts for New Moms

While a new baby is often the center of attention, it’s important to remember that moms need some love, too. Check out the best year-round gifts for a new mom in your life that will help her feel supported and cared for.

Being a new mother is exhausting. It’s hard work, and the days are filled with many ups and downs. Often, the focus from friends and loved ones is on the new addition in the family, begging the question: what about mom?

So, we’re glad to see you searching for a gift for a new mom in your life – thank you so much for thinking of her and recognizing that new moms need support and love, too.

Make sure to keep an eye out for exclusive deals and savings, too.

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Within this gift roundup, you’ll find creative and thoughtful gifts of all kinds for new moms. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, a holiday present, or a token of congratulations, you’ll find something for the new mom in your life.

To make your shopping easier, we’ve broken out the categories by price-point so you can find the perfect gift based on how much you’d like to spend. If you don’t find the perfect gift for a new mom on this list, consider these often overlooked gift ideas:

  • A homemade meal (or two)
  • A pre-paid housecleaning session
  • Walk the dogs for an hour
  • Play with the older children
  • Wash + fold the laundry (mom’s included)
  • Clean the house and empty the trash
  • Stock the pantry with nourishing snacks
  • A freezer stash of homemade lactation cookies
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Shop the best gifts for new moms

The below gifts are perfect for showing a new mom that you’re thinking of her. We’ve done our best to round up thoughtful and unique gifts from small businesses but have sprinkled in a few of our favorite big retailers that mom is sure to love. Keep reading to see what made our list.

Keep in mind that mom doesn’t need to be newly postpartum to enjoy a special gift. These presents would be perfect for Mother’s Day, her birthday, baby’s birthday, during the holiday season, or simply because you appreciate her.

Shop gifts by price-point

The best gifts for new moms under $500

The below gifts are perfect to split with friends or family members to gift to the new mom in your life.

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On-Demand Massage Package

While the package price varies depending on how many massages you gift, we love the idea of two or more massages so mom can really reap the benefits of therapeutic bodywork. The beauty of Zeel? The certified massage therapist comes to her home—no leaving the house required.

Explore Zeel massages now.

Sakara Five-Day Meal Delivery

Get five days of nourishing, organic, plant-rich meals delivered right to mama’s doorstep made with the highest quality ingredients. No additional meal prep or cooking is required. You can save 20% with code XOHELLOPP at checkout.

Shop Sakara meals now.

High-Speed Blender

While it’s not the sexiest of gifts, a quality high-speed blender like this one is a great time-saving option for a tired and busy mom. She (or someone else) can whip up nutrient-dense and healing soups, smoothies, sauces, and more to keep her recovery on track.

Shop the high-speed blender now.

Gold ‘Mama’ Necklace

While jewelry won’t help a new mom heal from birth, this solid gold ‘Mama’ necklace is the perfect way to celebrate her new title in life.

Shop the gold ‘Mama’ necklace now.

The best gifts for new moms under $250

We love the items selected for this price-point because they’re about quality, not quantity, and something she will have in her life for years to come.

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Organic Pima Cotton Romper

One-piece options are a no-brainer for any new mom. This romper has no uncomfortable waistbands to irritate a newly postpartum body is breastfeeding-friendly. And yes, there are pockets to stash the million little items moms constantly tote around.

Shop the romper now.

Sakara Three-Day Meal Delivery

This nourishing bundle includes a gift card for three days of plant-rich meals and a 30-day supply of collagen-rich beauty chocolates.

Hint: when you use our exclusive 20% off discount code XOHELLOPP at checkout, this program’s price drops to under $250.

Shop Sakara meals now.

Neutral Medium-Weight Quilt

While many new moms are short on sleep, there’s nothing better than climbing into a nicely made bed complete with the perfect year-round quilt. It’s also great to cozy up on the couch while nursing or feeding the little one.

Shop the quilt now.

Essential Oils Collection

Featuring a curated selection of high-quality and third-party tested essential oils. These oils are pure and gentle enough (when properly diluted) to be used on mom and baby to help with sleep, milk supply, digestion, anxious feelings, immune system support, and more. Pair the oils with this helpful book for the perfect gift.

Shop the essential oil collection now.

Oversized Cashmere Wrap

This cozy cashmere piece is perfect for keeping mama warm and comfortable. It’s breastfeeding-friendly (if she’s into that) and made with sustainable and responsibly-sourced cashmere. Makes a perfect layering piece and feels like a wearable blanket.

Shop the cashmere wrap now.

Silver ‘Mama’ Necklace

Much like the gold ‘Mama’ necklace featured above, this silver necklace is delicate, easy-to-layer, and will quickly become her favorite piece of jewelry.

Shop the silver ‘Mama’ necklace now.

The best gifts for new moms under $100

Pick one or pick a few, these gifts are all great options for mama to feel cared for and supported.

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Advanced Hydration Mask

This mask is formulated with high-quality ingredients to soothe even the most tired, dull skin. Even a few minutes of caring for herself can make any new mama feel more like her old self. Bonus points if you watch the little one while she creates a moment or two of self-care.

Shop the mask now.

‘Mama’ Printed Organic Sweatshirt

Available in a few different color options, this organic sweatshirt is the perfect addition to any new mom’s closet. It’s made in the USA out of buttery-soft and lightweight cotton fabric and looks great with her favorite pair of yoga pants.

Shop the sweatshirt now.

Super-Soft PJ Set

What’s better than PJs that are actually comfortable, washable, and well-designed? These pajamas are less than $100 and some of the comfiest we could find.

Shop the PJs now.

All-Natural Self-Care Box

This sweet little gift box features hand-made items for mom and baby with delicate and pure ingredients. Mama can care for her little one while caring for herself.

Shop the self-care box now.

Sherpa Robe with Pockets

Currently on sale! Great to throw on for middle-of-the-night feedings and late-night trips to the nursery. This machine-washable robe is the real MVP of the early postpartum days.

Shop the robe now.

The best gifts for new moms under $50

Last but certainly not least, these gifts won’t break the bank and will bring a smile to any tired mama’s face.

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Three Months of Audible

Late-night feeding sessions often leave moms bleary-eyed and endlessly scrolling the internet. Instead, a three-month subscription to Audible will help mama sit back and listen to the books she loves. She can even try a 30-day free trial.

Gift Audible now.

Mind and Body Recovery Gel

This soothing gel is formulated with natural ingredients to help promote relaxation and soothe away tension. It’s perfect for rubbing on achy hips, feet, and shoulders.

Shop the soothing gel now.

Organic Snack Box

Motherhood requires a lot of snacks, no matter where a new mom is on her postpartum journey. This snack box filled with 24 individually-wrapped organic snacks is the perfect gift for any mom who needs a little extra nourishment.

Shop the snack box now.

Rose Salt Bath Soak

Every aching body deserves a relaxing salt bath soak. This particular bath blend features six different salt types including Pink Himalayan salt and Epsom to give mama’s muscles a break.

Shop the bath soak now.

Herbal Weighted Eye Pillow

While sleep is often hard to come by in the early months of motherhood, we should at least try to make the zzz’s count when we can. This lavender-infused eye-pillow not only looks beautiful, but it can help sleepy moms get the most out of their sleep.

Shop the eye pillow now.

Keepsake ‘Mother’s Ring’

Crafted in a thin delicate gold band, this special Nahiku Mother’s Ring is a sentimental gift to help any new mom keep her little ones close to her heart.

Shop the ring now.

Choosing the best gift for a new mom

No matter what you decide to gift a new mom, know that your efforts help more than you know. This time in a mother’s life can feel hectic, overwhelming, and joyful – often all at the same time.

When we take a moment to show moms how much we’re thinking of them and how much we appreciate them, they feel nurtured and cared for. They can then pour some of that love into themselves and their little ones.

We also love this Self-Care Gift Guide that’s packed with even more gift ideas for new moms.

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