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Is Sakara Safe During Pregnancy and Postpartum? Answered

Sakara breastfast meal with bananas and yogurt

Also known as “Sakara Life,” many new mothers and moms-to-be often wonder if this plant-focused lifestyle program is pregnancy and postpartum-approved. Keep reading to find out what we learned.

Offering pre-made, nutritious meals delivered right to your door, Sakara seems easy to nourish yourself through pregnancy and birth. Fewer meals to cook and dishes to clean is always a win in our book.

Naturally, it seems like a great choice for a postpartum meal delivery service, but is it safe for you, your baby, and breastfeeding? Keep reading to learn more.

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Sakara breastfast meal with bananas and yogurt

Pregnancy and postpartum nutrient needs

Our bodies require an immense amount of nutrients to support a growing baby and, when postpartum, recover from birth.

Sakara’s Signature Meal Program is designed to provide a wide range of nutrients and nourish your body on a cellular level, but it’s essential to pay attention to your body’s cues and ensure you’re eating enough.

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Many people experience weight loss when following the Sakara meal plan, but losing weight should not be a goal during pregnancy or postpartum (unless otherwise discussed with your doctor).

Instead, shift your mindset to nourishment and give your body the support it needs to grow your baby or recover from birth. Your body is performing a miracle and needs all the help and support it can get.

Is Sakara Life pregnancy safe?

The short answer is yes, Sakara is safe for pregnancy.

With pregnancy comes concerns about food safety, especially around certain herbs, bacteria, etc. Rest assured, Sakara states that their meal programs are safe for those who are pregnant.

Of course, if you have concerns about specific ingredients, make a note of them and discuss them with your doctor or care provider. This is the best practice throughout pregnancy and postpartum, should you ever have concerns about what you eat or use on your body.

As mentioned above, Sakara is designed to flood your body with the nutrients it needs to feel its best, sustain energy, promote healthier digestion, and more. All of these sound helpful for pregnancy and beyond. Read a Sakara review.

But, you must listen to your body’s hunger cues and ensure you eat enough to meet your daily calorie needs throughout pregnancy. Sakara doesn’t share nutritional information (including calories) for their meals, so listening to your body and eating when hungry is essential.

sakara dinner meal with bowtie pasta and sunchokes

Is Sakara safe while breastfeeding?

Sakara meals contain various nutrients and minerals to support a breastfeeding mother, but it’s always best to consult your doctor if you have questions about specific ingredients.

On the Sakara ZenDesk board, someone asked, “I am breastfeeding; is Sakara safe for me?” and the answer was: “While there is no research indicating that our products are unsafe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, we always recommend speaking to your doctor first before adding anything new.”

So, the short answer is yes, Sakara is safe for breastfeeding, but consult your doctor if you have any specific questions.

Also, remember that if you are breastfeeding, you need an additional 25g of protein per day and 500 calories to help support a healthy milk supply.

While Sakara is designed to be nourishing and nutrient-dense, you will probably find yourself craving more food and calories while recovering from birth and simultaneously breastfeeding.

Listen to your body’s needs and add extra proteins, healthy fats, and easy breastfeeding-friendly snacks.

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Postpartum is a time to nourish yourself and flood your body with the nutrients it craves for recovery, not restrict or hold back on eating to stay on a “plan” not explicitly designed for pregnancy or postpartum.

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sakara lunch meal with margarita flatbread

Final thoughts on living the Sakara Life in pregnancy and postpartum

If your goal is to feed your body nutrient-dense foods, support higher energy levels, take the stress out of meal prep, and nourish your body, then the Sakara Signature Meal Program can be a fantastic choice for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or postpartum.


As someone who has eaten a lot of Sakara meals and has been through two pregnancies, two phases of breastfeeding, and two postpartum recoveries, I will say that it’s critical to make sure you are eating enough throughout the day while eating Sakara.

Their plant-dense meals are a big shift for some, and if your body is hungry in between meals or after finishing a meal, by all means, nourish yourself with more food.

And lots of water, too.

Pregnancy and postpartum isn’t a time to restrict or aim for weight loss; it’s a time to honor your transition into motherhood and give your body the love, care, and support it needs to navigate that chapter. Sakara can help.

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