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First Mother’s Day: The Best Jewelry Gifts for New Moms

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Make her first Mother’s Day memorable with a sentimental piece of heartfelt jewelry. These are the best we've found (and most are under $75!).

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for your first Mother’s Day gift, keep reading. We’re sharing six pieces, with prices ranging from accessible to heirloom-worthy.

Quick shop our Mother’s Day jewelry picks:

Is jewelry a good Mother’s Day gift?

Yes! A special piece of jewelry can make a lovely first Mother's Day gift.

I'll never forget the Mama necklace my husband got me for my first Mother's Day when our first was just six months old. I couldn't stop crying tears of gratitude. The overwhelming sense of love for my son and my new title of Mama so just too much for my hormones to handle.  

Generally, it’s safe to assume that jewelry is an excellent first Mother’s Day gift. If you’re unsure, there are two helpful questions you can ask yourself.

  1. Does the person I’m buying for typically wear jewelry?
  2. Have I been specifically instructed not to buy jewelry?

If the answer to the first question is Yes and the answer to the second is No, jewelry for Mother’s Day would probably be a great option.

Do you still need some reassurance?

It can feel overly sentimental for many new mothers celebrating their first Mother’s Day. A unique piece of jewelry honoring her new status as a mother and her new baby’s life can help her feel forever connected to that time.

Remember, jewelry doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be remarkable. Plenty of less expensive and sentimental pieces are available today, especially those from smaller, handcrafted artisans like some of the pieces we share below.

Top picks: timeless jewelry for a first Mother’s Day

Below, you’ll find our top picks for first Mother’s Day jewelry. We’ve denoted pricing below each piece, but keep in mind that this may change over time. 

1. Nahiku Mother’s Ring

Handmade | $30 | 14K gold-filled

Delicate, dainty, and easy to stack, the  Nahiku Mother’s Ring is a perfect understated nod to motherhood. Each small ring represents a child’s life, making it a lovely keepsake for the first Mother’s Day.

2. Maive Script ‘Mama’ Necklace

Classic styling | $49 | Available in three metals

Available in three different finishes, the Script ‘Mama’ Necklace by Maive is a classic piece that can be worn alone or layered with other favorites.

This one reminds me of the Mother's Day Mama necklace my husband bought for me almost five years ago. It's still my favorite to this day.

3. ‘Mama’ Necklace by Katie Waltman

Small business | $65 | Trend-forward

This Mama necklace from Kate Waltman is a beautiful pick for any new or expecting mother. It’s the perfect layering piece or stunning on its own. Gold-filled, 16″ chain with plated silver cubic zirconia letter dangles.

4. Minimalist Birthstone Ring

Handmade | Price Varies | 14-Karat Gold

Another dainty and stackable ring favorite is the   Minimalist Birthstone Ring  . The price is right, it’s handmade from high-quality materials, and you can select the stone (or stones) based on your baby’s birth month.

5. Heishi Customizable Name Bracelets

Handmade | Starts at $14 | Gemstone and Bead

6. ‘Mama’ Gold-Plated Stacking Bracelets

Small business | $29 | 18 Karat Gold-Plated

This   18-karat gold-plated set of three bracelets   is a sweet and classy way to sport her newest nickname, Mama. Each brass bead is plated in 18k gold and hand strung with love. The set of 3 comes with a velvet carrying pouch and care instructions.

What are other good gifts for a first-time mom?

If you love the idea of first Mother’s Day jewelry gifts but want to accompany your present with something extra, here are a few ideas any first-time mom will love. Trust us; we’re experts in this field.

  • A 90-minute massage
  • Carry-out from her favorite restaurant
  • A basket of her most-loved snacks
  • An uninterrupted nap
  • A bouquet of her favorite flowers
  • A spontaneous day date (no baby allowed)
  • A new book in her preferred genre
  • A framed photo of her and baby

Make sure to pair whatever you gift on the first Mother’s Day with a handwritten card expressing just how much she means to you  and your new baby. Bonus points if you write specific examples of what makes her a wonderful mother.

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