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One (Tired) Mom's Honest Review: Perelel's Mom Multi-Vitamin

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Motherhood. It’s among the most rewarding, challenging, and deeply exhausting jobs, and it’s all unpaid.

It's no surprise there's a relationship between postnatal depletion and mental health concerns, as moms are more exhausted and nutritionally deficient than ever.

You’re reading a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. Please consult your healthcare provider or doctor before beginning any supplementation routine. 

As I’ve been on my postpartum recovery journey from my youngest (who just turned two), I’ve never found a daily multivitamin that had everything I needed to feel both energetic yet calm, give my graying, shedding hair a boost, and also a dose of Omega DHA and EPAs (my naturopath says I need more of this).

As a new mom, I know how important it is to care for myself—not only so I can take care of my kids but because I deserve to feel good myself.

I was thrilled when Perelel, the first and only OB/GYN-founded women’s prenatal vitamin brand, asked me to try their postnatal multivitamin, the Mom Multi Support Pack

It checked all my boxes (mood and energy support, gluten-free, third-party tested, and no synthetic fillers), and it’s become a part of my daily self-care routine (which, let’s be honest, isn’t as robust as I’d like it to be).

Let’s explore what I loved about it and why supplementation is essential after birth. Here's my full Perelel Mom Multi review.

Perelel Mom Multi with stuffed animal

Perelel Mom Multi review: why I love it

As a certified holistic health coach, I know that nutrition plays a vital role in recovering from an event like birth and our overall mental and physical health.

As a busy mom, getting the nutrients I need isn’t always possible, especially when feeding, changing, and putting a baby or small child to sleep around the clock. Maybe you can relate?

I knew that I needed a daily multivitamin* that could keep up with the demands of motherhood and support my (overly taxed) nervous system in the process.

Perelel’s Mom Multi checks all of my boxes, and here’s why:

The stress support blend helps support balanced emotions with Ashwagandha and L-Theanine (I didn’t realize how much I needed help in this area until I started these!)

The postnatal vitamin in the pack contains Vitamin D, which I can’t get enough of in my diet and lifestyle as someone who lives in the PNW. 

The beauty blend contains biotin and collagen , which I have needed since having two babies. My hair also went through a significant period of loss a few months ago due to extreme stress, but I feel more confident knowing I’m getting these two each day.

They don’t make me nauseous like other multivitamins (I still try to take them with food), and there are no “fish burps” from the Omega DHA + EPA softgel.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Plus, as a company, their standards are excellent, too.

Clinically-proven and formulated by a team of leading OB-Gyns

Made in the USA with no filler ingredients

Research-backed ingredients with full transparency 

Individual Perelel Mom Multi packs

As a new mom, I know how important it is to care for myself—not only so I can take care of my kids but also because I deserve to feel good about myself.

Incorporating Perelel's Mom Multi Support into my morning routine (paired with a protein-rich breakfast and a homemade Matcha latte) has helped me remember that my needs matter, too. 

Every self-care habit—big or small—can stack upon another and have a greater impact on my health and well-being.

Also, it’s worth mentioning how insanely convenient the individual packs are. They’re cute, too! 

If I know I’m running out the door early in the morning, I throw a pack in my bag to take them anytime. As any new mom knows, convenience is key, especially in the early postpartum days (as those babies turn into even older kids, too). 

Changes I’ve seen since starting these supplements

I’ve noticed a few subtle (but impactful) changes as I’ve consistently taken the Mom Multi from Perelel. Firstly, I’ve noticed that my energy is more consistent throughout the day. The combination of B and D vitamins gives me the boost I need.

Also, my emotions feel more balanced and easier to manage. I feel less “rage-y,” especially when I’m exhausted (one of my biggest triggers to overwhelm), and thanks to the stress support blend, I feel less flustered overall.

Increased energy

Improved mood management

Less hair shedding

Skin is less dry

And it’s not just me. Perelel conducted an 8-week independent study with their Mom Multi Support Pack, and 70% of participants had more energy and overall mood improvements; 77% had shinier hair; 73% had brighter, more radiant skin and improved skin health*.

*Based on an 8-week independent study of 30 women, ages 25+, with at least one child under the age of 5 years old.

Perelel Mom Multi box

Why you should consider taking Perelel’s Mom Multi

Whether you’re newly postpartum (yes, they’re safe for breastfeeding!) or two years postpartum like myself, you can benefit from taking a multivitamin formulated especially for moms like the Mom Multi by Perelel. 

Of course, as with starting any new supplement, it’s best to speak directly to your healthcare provider (especially if you’re breastfeeding).

If you’re postpartum, taking a post-natal is essential. And yes, a pre-natal and a post-natal are typically different formulations, so make sure you’re taking something that will support the stage of motherhood that you’re currently in (like the Mom Multi). 

I quickly learned in early postpartum that caring for my needs felt paralyzing at times, and I found myself depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed. 

I know how critical supplementation can be, and I so wish I had a vitamin like Perelel for my recovery journey after birth. 

FAQ about Perelel

1. How long can I take the Mom Multi for?

That’s a great question! This vitamin is formulated to be taken for the first five years of motherhood (you know, to help you navigate the sleepless nights, toddler tantrums, and everything else that comes with the territory). 

Plus, Perelel’s founding doctors consider postpartum to be up to five years after birth, which is significantly longer than the arbitrary “six-week” standard new moms can hold themselves to. 

2. How do I order?

Ordering is easy! Head to Perelel’s website, select the Mom Multi Support Pack, and choose whether you’d like a one-time purchase or a subscription. 

Hint: the subscription option saves almost $10/month. 

If you’re not sure which vitamin is best for you, you can take a quiz on their site for a customized recommendation!

3. Do you have a discount code for Perelel?

We sure do! As a community member, you can save 20% with code HELLOPOSTPARTUM at checkout, applicable if you’re a new customer to Perelel.

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